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เครื่องขยายเสียง YAMAHA MA2030 A Power Amplifier



เครื่องขยายเสียงพร้อมมิกเซอร์ ขนาดเล็ก YAMAHA MA2030 1U Half Rack Mixing Amplifier, 2 Mic/3 Stereo input / 30 x 30 watt(Lo-Z) / 60 watt(Hi-Z) / Ducker,Feedback Canceller, Easy setup, and a user-friendly interface for effortless operation ราคานี้รวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่มแล้ว


  • Easy setup, and a user-friendly interface for effortless operation
  • Supporting Lo-Z (30W @3Ω/4Ω) and Hi-Z (60W x1ch, 70V/100V) speaker systems
  • Flexible 2 mic inputs and selectable 3 stereo inputs
  • Advanced DSP functions for music playback and microphone use (Feedback Suppressor, Priority Ducker, Leveler)
  • Bass and treble stereo source EQ with enhancer function
  • Built-in speaker EQ optimum for Yamaha VXC/VXS series speaker
  • Service zone can be expanded by adding a PA2030
  • Remote volume control and microphone on/off switching via the optional DCP control panels (DCP1V4S, 1 DCP panel per unit)
  • Intelligent protection function ensures safe, reliable operation
  • Certified as Yamaha Eco Products
  • Space-saving 1U rack size (*sufficient space must be provided above and below the unit for airflow and cooling.)
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