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มิกเซอร์ YAMAHA MG10XUF Analog Mixing Console Max. 4 Mic / 10 Line Inputs (4 mono + 3 stereo) / 1 Stereo Bus / 1 AUX (incl. FX)



เครื่องผสมสัญญาณเสียง YAMAHA MG10XUF (Fader Version) 10-Channel Mixing Console, 4x Mic/Line Combo Inputs, 6x 1/4″ Line Inputs, 2-In/2-Out USB Up to 24-bit / 192kHz, Built-In FX with 24 Presets, XLR and TRS 1/4″ Stereo Outs, USB Works with PC, Mac and iOS ราคานี้ยังไม่รวมค่าขนส่ง ราคานี้รวม vat 7%แล้ว

หมวดหมู่ : มิกเซอร์ MIXER Analog Mixer YAMAHA

  • Input channels: 10 Line Inputs (4 mono, 3 stereo), 4 Mic Inputs with 48V phantom power and HPH per channel.
  • Output channels: 2 ST, 1 MONITOR, 1 AUX[FX] send, 1 PHONES.
  • Bus: 1 ST, 1 AUX[FX]
  • Robust, impact-resistant, powder-coated metal chassis.
  • AC Adapter PA-10 (AC 38VCT, 0.62A) or equivalent recommended by Yamaha.
  • Discrete class A “D-PRE” mic preamps with an inverted darlington circuit.
  • Professional “1-knob compressors”.
  • Digital effects processors: 24 “SPX” effects
  • 24-bit/192kHz 2IN/2OUT USB Audio Interface function.
  • Cubase AI access code included for Download on the Steinberg website.
  • Cubasis LE available for free download on the App Store.
  • MG REC/PLAY available for free download on the App Store.




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