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ปลีแอมป์ ITC T-2S01 Stereo Mixer Pre-Amplifier


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ITC T-2S01 ปลีแอมป์ Pre-Amplifier 2 Channel Mixer, 10 mic, 4 aux, 2 XLR line outputs, AC 220V and DC 24V ราคานี้ยังไม่รวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่ม

* 2 channel mixer of 10 inputs
* Remote paging console T-319 as mic 1 with highest input priority
* Mic 2-4 with VOX selector over inputs 5-10 and phantom power
* All the 10 inputs with mic, line and high pass filtering selector
* Inputs 7-10 either by XLR mic inputs or by dual RCA line inputs
* Dual channel XLR line outputs
* All inputs include inputs1-10, MIC (remote paging console T-319), chime could be selected to have channel1, channel 2 and channel 1+2 outputs.
* Built-in 2/4 tone pre-set chime, remote chime trigger and local trigger on front panel
* Volume controls are provided over chime, MIC1, inputs 2-10, channel 1 and channel 2 masters. Bass and treble tone control are provided for both channel 1 and channel 2.
* Indicators for input 1-10, power and 2 channel level meters
* AC 110 or 230V and DC 24V operation 

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