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ปลีแอมป์ ITC T-6245 6 Zone Mixer with Voice Recorder


SKU : ITC T-6245

ITC T-6245 ปลีแอมป์ 6 Zone Mixer 3 channel pre amplifier+6 zone speaker selector+3 voice evacuation panel+voice recorder ราคานี้ยังไม่รวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่ม

* Mixer with 6 zone speaker selector for source selection and zone control.

* Built-in mic and recorder for easy voice message recording and storage.

* 3 audio sources direct selection on front panels.

* 6 zone selection buttons on front panel.

* 6 zone paging console work together with the mixer through RJ45 port for remote control and


* Mic input by XLR type with phantom power and gain control.

* 3 aux inputs for tape, CD and tuner.

* Built-in chime, whose remote trigger and volume is provided.

* 3 voice messages broadcast in continuous and once modes.

* 3 channel pre outputs: music, music/page and page.

* 6 zone line outputs for power amplifier.

* Volume control is provided for mic, music, mater, record and message broadcast, plus bass an

treble tone control.

* Indications include zone selector, source selector, record state, power and output level meters.

* 4 levels of priority from high to low: remote paging console, Mic1, chime, pre-recorded message


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