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คอมเพรสเซอร์ DBX 166XSV Compressor/Limiter/Gate



อุปกรณ์ปรับแต่งสัญญาณเสียง DBX 166XSV Compressor Limiter Gate, Dual Channel, Stereo or Dual-Mono, PeakStop Limiter, Classic dbx “Auto” Mode, Side Chain Insert, Separate LED Displays, Balanced inputs and outputs


  • Error proof operation to smooth uneven levels, add sustain to guitars, fatten drums or tighten up mixes.
  • New gate timing algorithms ensure the smoothest release characteristics
  • Program-adaptive expander / gates
  • PeakStop limiter provides an absolute ceiling for peak excursions or large transients for protecting downstream equipment.
  • Great sounding dynamics control for any type of program material
  • Separate precision LED displays for gain reduction, threshold compression and threshold threshold enable quick, accurate setup
  • Stereo or dual-mono operation
  • Balanced inputs and outputs on 1/4 “TRS and XLR connectors
  • Side chain insert
  • Classic Dbx “Auto” mode
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