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ไมโครโฟนไร้สายแบบคู่ SOUNDVISION SU-820D/HT Dual Wireless Microphones



UHF 697.3 ~ 702.7 MHz Frequency Range. (Brand for Thailand Regulation) Frequency Response 30Hz ~ 20kHz ±2dB Pre-Set 48CH (2*24CH) Selectable Frequencies. Unique digital pilot technology, no crosstalk disturbance even same frequency. An efficient battery energy design that allows the microphone to be used continuously for longer periods of time. IR Sync Downloading the Frequency from Receiver. The transmitter uses LCD display to indicate frequency and battery level and so on. Single-chip microphone amplifier, DSP-based audio processor with multi-frequency selection function. Up To 50 Meters Line-of-Sight Range.


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