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เครื่องขยายเสียง ITC Audio TI-120DTB PowerAmp 120 วัตต์ MP3 / Tuner / Bluetooth & USB (5Zone)


SKU : ITC Audio TI-120DTB

เครื่องขยายเสียง 5 Zone Class-D Mixer Amplifier, 120W. with MP3 / Tuner / Bluetooth & USB, 4 Mic, 2 Aux, 1 Emc


  • Standard rack mounted design(1U) with delicate SMT technology.
  • With Mp3/TUNER/Bluetooth, songs being played can be shown on the digital screen.
  • With Mp3/TUNER/Bluetooth remote control function.
  • 1 EMC input, 2 AUX inputs, 4 MIC inputs.
  • Channel priority function EMC>MIC1>MIC2, MIC3, AUX1, AUX2.
  •  Each input has independent volume adjustment, and the total volume has high pitch, bass adjustment and volume control.
  • With electrical level and overload protection indicator.
  • The device has good self-protection such as short circuit, overload and overheat.
  • 2 kinds of output modes: 100V constant voltage output; 4-16Ω constant resistance output.
  • With 5 zones selection.
  • EMC input can activate partitioning zones.
  • Perfect combined design for high efficiency& energy saving switch power and class-D amplifier, with high stability.
  •  Voltage Power Supply: 180V-240V
  • Optional standby power supply 24V without delay for toggling pictures.
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