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ไมโครโฟนไร้สายคาดศีรษะแบบคู่ SOUNDVISION SU-890D-LL/BT (HW-X) headset microphone



SOUNDVISION SU-890D-LL/BT (HW-X) ชุดไมค์ลอยคาดศรีษะคู่ ย่าน UHF คลื่นความถี่ 694.5 – 702.7MHZ


  • UHF 694.5 ~ 702.7MHz Frequency Range. (Brand for Thailand Regulation)
  • Frequency Response 30Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Pre-Set 156CH (2*78CH) Selectable Frequencies.
  • Wireless System Adopts Intelligentized Cryptographic Hardware.
  • IR Sync Downloading the Frequency from Receiver.
  • Auto Frequency Scanning and Spectrum Display.
  • Colorful TFT LCD Display and Menu Settings
  • Status of Frequency AF And RF Signal Etc.
  • Up To 100 Meters Line-of-Sight Range.
  • Auto Mute When Falling Down or Laid Down.
  • Ideal for Professional Stage, Clubs, Music Entertainment Meeting, Training, Conference and karaoke Etc.
  • Optional Hand-Held Microphone, Pocket Transmitter, Lavalier and Headset Available.
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