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ลำโพง Active Subwoofer YAMAHA DXS12mkII ลำโพงซับ12นิ้ว



ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์ The black DXS12mkII Powered Subwoofer from Yamaha features a high-efficiency Class-D amplifier and a woofer housed in a sturdy plywood band-pass type enclosure. It can deliver up to 1020W of distortion-free power with natural clarity. It can be used for reliable bottom-end management for bass performance in sound reinforcement applications.


12" powered subwoofer with 1020W class-D power amplifier

High-output 12” woofer with a band-pass design cabinet for superb bass response with a maximum 134dB SPL

42Hz-150Hz frequency range is ideal for small to medium-sized applications

Built-in D-XSUB processing allows you to extend the frequency response even lower

Plywood cabinet is durable and acoustically optimized for minimal distortion

Cardioid mode for bass management onstage

Selectable X-OVER (80/100/120 Hz)

M20 and Ø35 mm dual pole sockets

Optional Speaker Wheels (SPW-1) and Speaker Cover (SPCVR-DXS122)


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