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ลำโพงเพดาน QSC AC-C2T-LP ขนาด 2.75 นิ้ว กำลังขับ 16 วัตต์ Ceiling speaker



2.75" Full-range ceiling speaker, 70/100V transformer with 8Ω bypass, 170° conical coverage, includes C-ring and rails for blind mount installation. Priced individually, sold only in pairs.


  • Low-profile enclosure ensures no obstructions during installation
  • High-quality 2.75″ full-range transducer provides a natural rise in high frequency extension
  • Ported baffle for increased low frequency extension down to 75 Hz
  • Low saturation 70 / 100 V transformers with 8 Ω bypass
  • 4 pole Euroblock connector eases system wiring
  • Intrinsic Correction™ voicings available via Q-SYS Ecosystem and QSC processing amplifiers
  • White (RAL 9010) with UV inhibitors to match complimenting QSC product families.
  • Complete EASE, CAD & BIM information available online
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