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เครื่องควบคุมไมค์ประชุมไร้สายSoundvision DWS2000M Digital Wireless Central Controller Unit with Recorder and Support Camera Tracking



Adapting digital technology, embedded high performance CPU, support discussing, camera tracking function. Main panel adopts spraying process, the design is novel and high-end, highlighting the sense of high technology. Adopt FM transmission audio, cooperate with high-reduction circuit and anti-howling design, and use the new anti-howling single-point high-sensitivity capacitor microphone core to achieve high-fidelity restoration of conference sound. New concept of anti-electromagnetic interference circuit design to eliminate electromagnetic interference from mobile phones and other electronic products. Control and audio signals use wireless high-frequency signal communication to avoid the microphone cable, simple and convenient installation. HD 256×64 COG display, the menu is clear and easy to operate. With 20 Groups of optional channels, 20 Groups of system can be used simultaneously, easily avoid all kinds of interference. Microphones in one system up to 200 units, 4 microphones can be turn on at the same time, No limit on the number of Chairman. Support Mode: FIFO (1/2/3/4), Chairman Only. Digital control technology, the microphone only occupies 4 audio frequency points, to avoid the occurrence of string frequency phenomenon. Built in video tracking function, host and computer can communicate through USB connection, use PC software to set the system and video tracking settings. Can connect HD cameras, support SONY VISCA, PELCO P/D communication protocol. With RS-232 port for HD camera switcher. Operation distance up to 100 meters with the best condition, 60 meters in normal condition. USB for recording support with USB flash drive 32 GB Built in USB port for recording, support up to 32GB drive.


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