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ชุดลำโพง Active คอลัมน์ SOUNDVISION TOA- ACS-1000 รองรับบลูทูธซัฟวูฟเฟอร์ขนาด10นิ้วPROFESSIONAL ACTIVE COLUMN SPEAKER SYSTEM



ACS-1000 SERIES Professional Active Column Speaker System which can cover the usage area from small to large Designed for hi-end professional sound performance especially for frequency response up to 42Hz ~ 20KHz -10dB , Power maximum 800Watts Amplifier Class D Bi-amp with DSP processor 5 Preset for optimum performance. High-quality audio streaming with Bluetooth TWS (True Wireless Stereo). Ideal for live sound concert, event, shopping mall, meeting room-training, fitness, restaurant, hotel banquet room.


  • Subwoofer Component: 10″, 2″ voice coil
  • Satellite Components: 3″ X 4 Full Range Speaker
  • Frequency response: 42Hz~20KHz -10dB
  • Max. SPL / (Peak): 118dB/125dB
  • Power maximum 800 Watts
  • Built-in Bi-amp Class D Amplifier
  • Built-in DSP Processor Mode: 5 modes (Live, Music, Dance, Pop, Speech)
  • Built-in Media player : TWS Bluetooth 5.3 (True Wireless Stereo)
  • Dispersion Angle (H x V): 80° x 20°
  • Operating voltage AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz

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